LM Montgomery Collection

Many people know that LM Montgomery wrote the Anne of Green Gables series but she was also a very prolific short story writer, having written over 500 short stories. We have featured some of these long lost stories in the LM Montgomery collection, delivering short stories to you every fortnight that are sure to bring a smile to your face. Those who love the Anne Shirley stories will enjoy these short stories “immensely” (as Anne would say). These stories have been carefully curated to match the tone of LM Montgomery’s well known stories and are suitable for all the family to enjoy.

Some of the stories are quite long so they have been split into two letters to keep the postage cost as low as possible (which allows us to offer free postage to all countries). A typical letter will contain a story or part-story that will be approximately 1,800 words long, printed double-sided on an A3 sheet of paper (11.75 x 16.5in), in a black 14pt font.

Each story is mailed to you as a letter, along with a surprise memento. You can purchase a collection for yourself or as a gift for a friend or relative, simply include the name and address of the person you want the collection sent to when you set up the subscription.

USD$14.97 per month
for 12 months
USD$164.67 for a full year
(get one month free)
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