Do you miss getting mail in the post?

Do you enjoy reading letters and stories?

Our collections are a series of letters containing short stories that are sent to you every fortnight. They provide a fun way of reading letters like we used to in years gone by. This is a unique experience, delivering a letter direct to your mailbox, every fortnight for a whole year. Our collections are either a series of short stories or are a story told through letters written to other characters. You, the reader, get to be part of their adventures. Depending on which collection you choose, you could be receiving 2 letters every month, with each letter containing a story or a character’s letter, as well as a special memento.

Our current collection is a 24-part series of short stories by LM Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables. These long lost stories are sure to bring a smile to your face each fortnight. Every story is mailed to you as a letter, along with a surprise memento. You can purchase a collection for yourself or as a gift for a friend or relative, simply include the name and address of the person you want the collection sent to below when you set up the subscription. View the collection here.